Information for Custom Patches


For custom patches we must know the following

How large you want your patch. Size is how tall or wide in inches.

How many patches you want. The minimum order is 50 patches

We must have full color completed artwork if it is a new patch. If you have the military cable color numbers or PMS colors please include those so we can be sure to get the colors correct.

If you are creating your own new artwork for patches or name tags please contact us first so we can give some tips for creation on your end. What looks great on a large computer monitor does not always work well when it is much smaller for a patch or even smaller for a design on a custom name tag.

If you have a patch already, put your patch you want duplicated in a scanner
to send a good very clear picture for us to see.
If you e-mail artwork or a picture the best file type is .jpg (jpeg) Do not send a PDF for pictures, it degrades your picture since the file type is really made for text.

Also for US Military patches, if you have the exact Department of Defense / Institute of Heraldry colors and artwork available provide them as well.

If we are to match colors to something you have, you need to mail a sample of the color.

Also we know cartoon characters and other brands of prodiucts are very popular but if the design you wish to use is copyrighted you must get permission
from the copyright holder in writing in order for us to make your patch.

The minimum order for custom patches is 50 of each.